Module 5 Managing Change and Continuity: The Action Mindset

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The fifth module, which looks at managing continuity and change, is held at Brazil's top business school, Brazilian School of Public and Business Administration (FGV/EBAPE) in Rio de Janeiro. Managers develop a richer understanding of what is truly change, what is continuity, and what constitutes good action by enacting the interdependence of change and continuity.

Presentations on culture and power, trust and values, and social and government initiatives are delivered through the lens of the “why not” and action mindset. The managers spend time defining what is knowledge in action, particularly in situations of engagement where knowledge, models and mindsets are reframed. In Brazil, participants develop user guides based on the entire IMPM program, then put these guides into action by applying them to an organization that they visit and engage. Feedback is then exchanged and discussed with senior executives in the organization. The impact of this is immediate both for the organization that receives the report and for the managers who apply their learning in another context.

The final part of the module is dedicated to IMPACT presentations—the results of all of the actions, changes and learnings that participants and their organizations have been engaged in. As the IMPACT projects are shared, guidelines for the future are discussed with fellow participants.