Module 4 Managing Relationship: The Collaborative Mindset

Beijing, China

The module in China explores the collaboration and cooperation of individuals and their teams, as well as within and between organizations and governments.

Participants explore a uniquely Chinese perspective on collaboration in the world of business and management, drawing on the traditional process of Guanxi to understand the importance of Harmony and Balance. The module examines the diversity of modern China and ancient China, the rural China and the urban China. Such heterogeneity within the module is helpful to explore managerial collaboration mindsets.

Field trips contrast cutting-edge international companies with World Heritage historical sites, with participants experiencing ideas that force them to reflect on their own and their company’s approach to collaboration.

Some key topics discussed during this module include: Guanxi and management practice in China; a strategic rationale for collaboration; the role of trust in joint ventures and alliances; collaboration among global companies; networks and collaboration; collaboration between companies; and the government role in doing business in China.