Module 1 Managing Self: The Reflective Mindset

Lancaster, UK

The Reflective Mindset module focuses on the first of the five mindsets; it also is the introduction to the IMPM program, establishing a reflective approach to the entire experience. Set in a relaxed, low-key atmosphere, participants meet across cultures, nations, functions, industries and lives, and quickly embark on engaged explorations of ideas and experiences, including:

  • Discussions about managerial work, personal styles, learning organizations, systems, ethics, the meaning of work and the nature of self
  • Field studies and cultural audits to put the theory into practice. The cultural web provides a framework to understand global companies of every size.
  • Site visits to gain perspective on current business problems by seeing them in the light of history

The outcome of this module is quite extraordinary in terms of new experiences, the participants' reactions to others, and the evolution of self-knowledge, which is the prerequisite for leading others and organizations.