Enriching Leaders Through Diversity of Experience


Martin Schamberg, senior manager at Lufsthansa embarked on the International Masters Program for Managers without knowing the full extent of what he was getting into to.  As he states it was a fantastic experience.  "During my career I went through a great deal of training, but the IMPM was the only one that created a fundamental and sustainable change."

After 5 modules in the IMPM I realized that Value creation is one element of authentic leadership,  and value is created by doing something that is good for the other, not for the self. This is an essential part of our responsibility if we want to be respected as businesspeople or entrepreneurs.


To Lead Change You Need Collaboration


To Lead Change You Need Collaboration

Are good ideas being lost in your company? Is your organization facing increasing competition? Do you need your managers to be more innovative or entrepreneurial? We know that entrepreneurs and innovators are fast becoming the lifeblood of the economy – both in large and small businesses. However, innovation and entrepreneurship are not solo acts. It takes many ideas and different approaches to get a business or concept off the ground, and collaboration is vital.

The International Masters Program for Managers (IMPM) helps managers and leaders develop the skills they need to lead change within their organizations with their teams.

International Masters Program for Managers


Mintzberg is one of the co-founders of an alternative management program called the International Masters in Practicing Management (IMPM). In 2004 he published a book, Managers Not MBAs, in which he describes how prestigious MBA programs are damaging the management discipline by trying to teach the principles of good management as if it were a science.

"It's not a science, it's an art. It's a craft based on experience," Mintzberg says. "If you put people in a classroom who have no experience in management, they can't really understand it. They end up teaching a lot of analytics and technique, which is fine, but it's not management."

The IMPM is a modular, international program based at McGill and four other B-schools around the world. It is different from an MBA, Mintzberg says, because it accepts a different type of student. And it's different from an EMBA because it heavily emphasizes reflection.

To begin with, students are older on average than MBA students, and must have been working as managers for a while already. Because of the level of experience, says Dora Koop, managing director of the IMPM, participants learn from each other as well as from professors.

Mintzberg organizes living lab at World Social Forum in Montreal


McGill University management professor Henry Mintzberg has organized an outdoor "living lab" to take place Wednesday in which he hopes to bring together hundreds of participants to brainstorm and come up with innovative ways to combat climate change.

Called On the Earth, for the Earth: Acting Together for a Cool Planet, Mintzberg will use the McGill football stadium as a venue to bring together interested participants. Think of it as a kind of climatic picnic.

The need to manage with soul


There is a need to manage with human interaction and soul.  Today many leaders and managers have lost this in their pursuit of profit and efficiency.

IMPM Alumnus Buddy Stemple honored


Boy Scouts will honor Buddy Stemple with 2016 Service Award. Buddy attended the International Masters for Managers while working at Alcan and graduated from McGill Univeristy.

Buddy began his career in the Aluminum industry in 1979 with Kaiser Aluminum and moved to Alcan Aluminum/Novelis in 1983 where he held various positions in Operations, Human Relations, Sales & Marketing ,up to Vice President & General Manager of Novelis Specialty Product through 2009. Buddy joined the Oman Aluminum Rolling Company (OARC) in 2010 as Chief Executive Officer and has overseen the establishment of the facility, organization and marketing plans for the company. OARC is a 140,000 ton per year light gauge rolling facility located in Sohar Oman.

Mintzberg's Species of Organizations


In the Analytic Mindset Module of the IMPM ( Henry Mintzberg talks about species of organizations just as there are species of animals. Don't mix them up. A bear is not a beaver; one winters in caves, the other in wooden structures they build for themselves. Hospitals are not factories; advertising agencies are not fast food companies.

This may seem obvious, but while we recognize the different species of animals, we often mix up the different species of organizations. How often have management consultants come into one kind of organization and treated it like another—say tried to deal with a hospital the way they have just dealt with an automobile factory. (It might work in the cafeteria, but how about geriatrics?) Of course, we do use these kinds of words—hospitals, advertising agencies—but they designate industries, not the nature of their organizations.

Our vocabulary for understanding organizations is really quite primitive. We use the word organization the way biologists use the word mammal, except that we can't get past it.

In Module 2 of the IMPM program, Henry takes the class through the different types of organizations and what this means for managing these organizations.

The Secrets of Success in India


Doing business in India means understanding the complex society that companies work in.  Participants on the IMPM are given the opportunity both in and outside the class to deepen their understanding of this country in the Worldly Mindset Module that takes place in Bangalore.