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Welcoming Experienced Candidates 

If you are seeking an international focus to your career, have more than 10 years of work experience with substantial and relevant managerial experience then the IMPM is for you. The entire IMPM premise is based on sharing experiences and insights with peers:participants are therefore typically 35–55 years of age.

IMPM participants are either sponsored by their company; (corporations like Lufthansa, BNDES and LG have been sending managers for years), or are individuals who have decided that the program's philosophy and outcomes are what they need to move forward in their career or organization.

Dedicated tables are available for individuals or teams who want to join others from similar types of organizations. Entrepreneurs, members of family owned businesses, and professionals from different fields will spend time with peers and learn from those facing similar challenges.

Attending as part of a company team, allows managers to learn about the diversity that exists within their own organization. Through the sharing of experiences, these team members gain a deeper understanding of how the entire organization works and are in a good position to implement changes.

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Diploma and Certificate Participants

Participants who have satisfactorily completed all the activities and assignments, including full attendance at the five modules, will receive a joint Certificate of Attendance in the International Masters in Practicing Management from the participating learning institutions.

Masters Degree Requirements

All activities and requirements will be identical for degree and non-degree participants, except that degree candidates will submit a major paper after the fifth module. Masters Degrees are offered from Lancaster University (MSc International Masters in Executive Management) and McGill University (Master of Management). Applicants may apply to either school. A complete list of requirements will be provided when applicants are accepted into IMPM, and will include the following:

  • Masters Degree applicants must normally have an undergraduate degree from a recognized university; a post-graduate degree is, of course, welcomed.

  • Applicants with an MBA or EMBA will find IMPM quite different and are invited to apply.

  • Candidates with no degree but who have other relevant qualifications may be eligible.

Applicants will normally have obtained an equivalent minimum of 3.0 grade point average in the North American system, a Second Class Honors Upper Division in the UK system, or the equivalent elsewhere. Two official copies of all transcripts showing the award of a degree and the grades achieved in individual courses are required.

Fees & Guidelines

Obtaining Real Value and Impact from your Masters

Program Costs

The IMPM is one of the best-valued international programs on the market. The tuition covers all instruction during the five modules; required books and other pedagogical materials including self-learning materials; and tutoring and other intermodular support.

Tuition is exclusive of travel and living expenses (see below) except for some lunches and dinners.

Five Participants for the price of Four

Companies can offer the IMPM experience to another manager, or donate the participant fee to an NGO of their choice.

Payment Schedule

A deposit of US$3,000 per applicant is required to reserve a place in Cycle 21, which begins on May 7, 2017. The initial payment of US$39,000 minus the deposit is due by April 1, 2017.

The balance of of US$21,000 will be due in October 2017.  If paying as an individual please contact us about a payment schedule. The total fee for the program is US$60,000.

Degree Fee

For participants choosing to complete the Masters Degree requirements, a charge of US$6,750 at McGill or £4500 at Lancaster will be made to cover the cost of registration fees, on-going assessment and supervision of the final paper. This amount is due upon completion of the fifth and final module of the IMPM.

Travel and Living Expenses

Travel to the different modules will be arranged and paid for by the participants. The cost of local board and lodging will be billed back at cost and is expected to be approximately US$18,000–20,000.

Apply to IMPM

1. Submit application form with the following materials to

  • Current curriculum vitae
  • A passport sized photo
  • Business card with full job title and contact details
  • Scan of passport picture and passport

2. Once the application form is received,  two interviews will take place. The first is with the Program Director to ensure the program meets your needs and the second with an Academic Director who will discuss the academic requirements of the program with you.

Applications Process for the Masters Degree

Candidates must meet the admission and performance requirements of the Program. The application process for the Masters Degree is a separate process and degree candidates must be accepted by the University itself. (See the section on Degree Requirements.)

Accepted Applicants and Payment

All successful individual and company applicants will receive i) confirmation of acceptance; ii) an invoice for the first fee payment of US$3,000 and iii) further program information and degree registration procedures.

There are a limited number of places available per Cycle. Placements are reserved only upon receipt of the initial payment of US$3,000 per applicant. Please note that places cannot be guaranteed without this payment.


Should a participant withdraw before May 7, 2017, all fees except the deposit of US$3000 will be refunded. Because there are a fixed number of places per Cycle, companies will be responsible for payment of the full amount of the tuition fee for participants who drop out after the start of the first module.