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The IMPM in the New York Times

In contrast to the use of case studies for developing analytical tools students are expected to "share competences" with each other based on their own experience as managers. 

Since 1996, the International Masters in Practicing Management, co-founded by Henry Mintzberg, has been changing the course of management education and leadership development. This is more than an EMBA which simply replicates the MBA for more experienced people. Beyond administration, the IMPM engages you as an accomplished leader to reflect on your own experience and share insights with colleagues from around the world. Over 16 months, you attend five 10-day modules designed and delivered by leading business schools in Bangalore, Beijing, Lancaster, Montreal, and Rio de Janeiro. 

Read about the family of innovations that you will find in no other program: managerial mindsets, friendly consulting, co-coaching, managerial exchanges, impact teams back at work, special seating arrangements, dedicated tables for entrepreneurs, and more. Our next cohort begins in May, 2017. We welcome applications from experienced managers both those with MBA's and those with no degree. No GMAT required.

Lessons from the IMPM Worldly Mindset in India

Mike Fitzgerald, Executive VP HR at Cepheid reports in the Economist 

The Economist

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This International Masters Program appeals to managers for all sorts of reasons. Many are accomplished leaders who want to enhance the skills they have learned on the job. Some have an MBA or EMBA and feel it's time for management education. Some have accomplished records but no degree. And then there are those who need a refresher, a boost: they have done well but feel stuck where they are. Not in terms of career advancement--some of these are CEOs - but to prepare themselves for the changes ahead.

No program shakes managers out of complacency better than the IMPM. None! We invite you to read the comments on this site, or speak with our graduates. Please don't read this and say: "Good idea. One day I've got to do the IMPM." That's more complacency. If not now, when? Hit the Refresh button


Shari Austin

"Now four and a half years later, I am left with the distinct desire to do it all over again. This is a testament to the IMPM that if I did, I would get to a completely new level of insight and understanding."

Shari Austin Vice President, Corporate Citizenship, Royal Bank (Canada)

Peter Beeby

"I turned a year-on-year 10% decline in sales into 15% growth within an eighteen month period, directly linked to the IMPM. Furthermore I changed the mindset of my company's execs andembedded new practices in gathering and using customer insight."

Peter Beeby, Co-founder, Nutribox Ltd. (England)

James Kisia

"The IMPM has made me more at ease with my work and made it even more enjoyable. It is my fourth degree but the one that will have made the biggest difference in my work life."

Dr. James Kisia, Executive Director, International Centre for Humanitarian Affairs (Kenya)

Gustavo Miotti

"Because of the IMPM, our company did a complete review of our strategic planning process. This resulted in the company becoming one that is more agile, flexibility and that allows for emergent strategies outside the normal business planning cycles."

Gustavo Miotti, Board Chair, Soprano Eletrometalugica Ltd. (Brazil)

Miles Kotylak

"IMPM empowered me to become a better knowledge leader by showing me how to pause, reflect, inquire, and then act."

Miles Kotylak, VP Advisory Services, ATB Financial Services (Canada)

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